With winter coming to Calgary, it is time to take precautions with your vehicle. With road conditions at their worst, you have to drive safely and ensure that the engine, transmission, radiator, tires, and heater are maintained, so these parts last the cold months.

However, the most important thing you have to keep your eye on is your windshield.

The build-up of ice, the salt on the roads, and the spraying of rocks and grime increase the chances of cracks occurring, especially as the months get colder. Before you know it, you’re going to need professional windshield repairs in Calgary.

However, if you take these extra precautionary steps, you can protect your windshield – saving you time, money and stress.

7 Tips To Protect Your Windshield In Winter

Get Your Windshield Inspected – Before Winter 

Getting proactive before winter starts is the best way to stop any issues happening in future. A quick inspection from a certified windshield repair company can make a difference in how well your windshield holds up in the harsh Calgary winter. The experts will check for cracks, weak installation spots, and other possible issues that could compromise the windshield. If there are any issues, you can get a windshield replacement or repair service right then and there.

Replace Any Damages Immediately 

That small little rock chip that you have in the corner of your windshield can develop into a full-on crack by the middle of winter. If you have any chips in your windshield – whether it happens before or during winter – you should get rock chip repairs immediately, before it develops into a huge crack and shatters.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

One fatal mistake that a lot of car owners make is throw boiling water to defrost their windshields. The sudden change in temperature can lead to the windshield cracking instantaneously. The best way to go about this is to let your car heat up and have the defrosters on. While this will take time, it will slowly thaw the ice so that it will be easier to remove.

Use A High-Quality Ice Scraper To Remove Ice 

While ice scrapers are great to remove ice, make sure that you don’t use any cheap models. These cheaper devices usually use sharper scraps, which can damage the windshield. Invest a few dollars by getting an ice scraper that effectively takes off the ice, and doesn’t scratch or chip the windshield.

Replace Old Wiper Blades

Worn out wiper blades often fall apart in the winter, and can expose the windshield to scrapes and scratches. If you run your wipers while they’re worn out, you can end up severely damaging your windshield. Make sure that you replace your old wiper blades as soon as possible, so you don’t need a windshield replacement.

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Load Up On Washer Fluid 

At the same time, make sure that your washer fluid is full. It helps with the wiping and doesn’t scratch the windshield. It is recommended that you get winter washer fluid, instead of using a regular one. While it might cost more, it will help in the long run.

Keep The Glass Clean 

Windshield wipers have to work twice as hard to clean a dirty windshield, meaning double the chance that it scratches the glass too. Make sure that you keep your windshield as clean as possible, so you reduce any chance of scratches and chips.

These tips should help you avoid any damage occurring on your windshield. However, even in our best moments, cracks do occur. Make sure that you seek immediate windshield repairs in Calgary to stop any cracks getting worse.

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